Business off-grid power systems

Business loadshedding

Step 1

First step you need to take for your energy independence

The best way to assist getting your house or office backed up or grid independent would be if you could supply us with data logging facilities of your power usage, at your premises so that we can see your exact power use over a few weeks. If this logging option has not been setup nor available, you can e-mail us a picture of your incoming single or three phase breaker sizes in your main distribution board, so that we can work on the maximum power required to run the facilities or work on only backing up your lights and or a certain critical plug circuit in the house.

Supplementary to the breaker size, your electricity bill will assist us with your monthly power usage. This is especially necessary when wanting to go totally off grid.

Step 2

We can now size a system according to your needs

Should your requirement require a hybrid power solution (Mixing energy from Eskom + solar PV + generator) we would use Google Earth to analyse your roof to see how many panels we can fit on your roof to assist in establishing  how we can generate as much energy on your roof as possible without having to use a generator nor Eskom.

Step 3

You choose a system according to budget

A lot of price-based products are flooding the market but please be aware that we do not focus on the bottom end of the price range solutions knowing that down the line problems will creep in at these under developed site and inferior product lines and that we cannot substitute quality for price only.

However, to try and match a product line to your budget we have arranged some options for your review. (See below single phase and three phase backup combo price comparison chart)

Watch these two videos.

A walk-through with one of our latest 45kVA hybrid systems.


System walk through

Final system over view

Optional power logging is available

We do offer services of logging your site power requirements with external loggers, but a separate quote will be sent for these services offered. These costs will be deducted if a large project is activated with us.

We have smaller options available should you only want to back certain circuits at your premises for example lights and computers and not the entire building.

Single phase back-up solutions:

Select a solution that falls within your budget. Click on the SOQ/order number to get the full breakdown

(Once off cash prices below)
(Continuous power of 3.18 Amps; 2100W at 25 degrees Celsius)
(Continuous power of 7.2 Amps; 1600W at 25 degrees Celsius)
(Continuous power of 10,9 Amps; 2400W at 25 degrees Celsius)
(Continuous power of 18,8 Amps; 4000W at 25 degrees Celsius)
(Continuous power of 29,5 Amps; 6500W at 25 degrees Celsius)
(Continuous power of 23,36 Amps; 8000W at 25 degrees Celsius)
(Continuous power of 54,54 Amps; 12000W at 25 degrees Celsius)


Three phase back-up solutions:

Select a solution that falls within your budget. Click on the SOQ/order number to get the full breakdown
(Continuous power of 7,2 Amps per phase; Total of 4800W at 25 degrees Celsius)
(Continuous power of 10,9 Amps per phase; Total of 7200W at 25 degrees Celsius)
(Continuous power of 18,8 Amps per phase; Total of 12000W at 25 degrees Celsius)
(Continuous power of 29,5 Amps per phase; Total of 19500W at 25 degrees Celsius)
(Continuous power of 23,36 Amps per phase; Total of 24000W at 25 degrees Celsius)
(Continuous power of 54,54 Amps per phase; Total of 36000W at 25 degrees Celsius)


Quick decision info:

Below are typical scenarios for a house.


A typical single-phase wired house has a 63Amp circuit break as the main incomer and therefore a 15kVA would be the enough to drive the energy for the entire house. Obviously, a large battery bank would be required to back this up for 3~4 hours and is not always feasible to due to the high energy demands of a geyser and or stove to also be baked up by costly battery systems.


If you focus only on backing up critical loads, you can look at the following options. Most plug circuits are usually rated at 16A or 20Amps therefore a 5kVA inverter would be enough for splitting your power requirements by only backing up certain breakers.

or even smaller if you look at


Off grid solution:

An off-grid solar system is not connected to the electricity grid and requires battery storage. Off-grid solar systems must be designed correctly in order to generate enough power throughout the year and have the necessary battery capacity to meet the installed locations electrical energy requirements or demand.


Below you will find BlueBox combos, divided in three standards:

Battery Back-up / with Solar Battery Back-up / with Solar & mild steel back plate Battery Back-up / with Solar, mild steel back plate & remote monitoring


Select a solution that falls within your budget. Click on the SOQ/order number to get the full breakdown

(Once off cash prices below)


2Kva bluebox 4

Order Number: SOQ145363

2Kva bluebox 4

Order Number: SOQ145367

2Kva bluebox 4

Order Number: SOQ145368



3Kva bluebox 5

Order Number: SOQ145371

3Kva bluebox 5

Order Number: SOQ145373

3Kva bluebox 5

Order Number: SOQ145374



5Kva bluebox 6

Order Number: SOQ145375

5Kva bluebox 6

Order Number: SOQ145376

5Kva bluebox 6

Order Number: SOQ145377



Back-up combos with Lithium Iron
(Once off cash prices below)

5Kva bluebox 7

Order Number: SOQ145378

5Kva bluebox 7

Order Number: SOQ145380

5Kva bluebox 7

Order Number: SOQ145384


8Kva bluebox 8

Order Number: SOQ145385

8Kva bluebox 8

Order Number: SOQ145386

8Kva bluebox 8

Order Number: SOQ145387


10Kva bluebox 9

Order Number: SOQ145391

10Kva bluebox 9

Order Number: SOQ145393

10Kva bluebox 9

Order Number: SOQ145394


15Kva bluebox 10

Order Number: SOQ145395

15Kva bluebox 10

Order Number: SOQ145396

15Kva bluebox 10

Order Number: SOQ145398


Important info:

Kindly be advised that batteries are currently in very short availability in the country and your first price choice may at this stage not be unattainable. I have included quotes SOQ165362; SOQ165363 and SOQ 165366 , which we can currently supply with a relative fast delivery turnaround.

LiFe delivery times:


Currently all LiFe battery delivery is around 3~5 weeks on back order.


Design your own system:


The Victron components can be sold to you and you can make up your own engineering solution should you have the confidence to do it yourself. (Attached the latest Victron Q1-2019 price list)


Components supply:  Local – lead time +/- 4-5 working days;  Import – lead time +/- 13 working weeks.


Workshop Leadtime’s – APPROX 4 WEEKS

LEADTIME ON A NORMAL BACKPLATE/CABINETS – 14 working days (manufacturing of custom backplate by supplier)

In this time the paperwork and drawing are used to finalise and procure consumable and main stock.


On receipt of the backplate/Cabinets/Stock– Build up only starts (dependant on workshop prior jobs and workload)

BUILD UP TAKES ± 10 working days (Friday is only half a day)


On a special Backplate it can take up to 20 WORKING DAYS.


Backplate Completion – 2 to 3 WORKING DAYS after all components are ready for assembly.


Existing sites requiring modification and or support not bought from us:


Please note that our engineers are kept exclusively for our prime buying customers and our policy is not to support third party installations and or product lines not obtained from us.