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Customer service. Sales, technical support, installations, repairs and commissioning.
Direct support. Face to face service, no computer or voice customer interaction.
Proven track record.
We only use product lines and brands that assist with extended warranties and support.

23 Years in business

23 Years in business

We are a long term solution partner.

Off-grid Solutions

We offer solutions according to your power needs.

Off-grid Solutions

Certain loads

Certain loads

Making back-up power more affordable for everyone when the grid fails.

Pay less on electricity bills

Reduce or eliminate your electricity bill with solar energy. Electricity prices are unpredictable and can be very difficult to manage your budget. With a solar solution you will have a fix electricity bill. Follow these 3 easy steps for us to assist you in becoming energy independent..

Send us your monthly electricity bill

We will calculate and design a system according to your power needs

Installation and commissioning

solar accessories

We pride ourselves on our extensive selection of solar accessories which we source from some of the top manufacturers in the solar industry. In doing this we hope to provide our customers with a comprehensive selection of high quality solar accessories, unrivalled customer service, and to instil an attitude into our valued customers which makes them believe that Solar Solutions is the go-to for all of their solar accessories.

Our Recent Work

Offering complete Turn-key solutions: System designs, integration, installations, commissioning and after sales support. We specialize in providing medium to large UPS, Telecom power and Renewable energy solutions for the large domestic and commercial sectors. We have multiple warehouses around the country to be able to service our clients with power product solutions within a very short period of time.

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